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Stephen Moyer was at a wedding this weekend (May 11) where he played a game of bean bag toss.
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The white Henley is back!

First HQ Photo of Stephen Moyer As Bill in True Blood Season 6

HBO has sent us 22 High Quality photos of cast members for Season 6. Below is the one photo they provided of Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton. We’re so glad that Bill looks like himself and he sure looks “might fine” to us. Enjoy!

See this photo in our Season 6 Photo Gallery.

The 10-episode sixth season of TRUE BLOOD will kick off SUNDAY, JUNE 16 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT). Can’t wait!

See all of the HQ photos at the Vault’s Photo Gallery here:

Photo credit: John P. Johnson, HBO

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True Blood season six: What’s in store for Bill Compton?

Season five of True Blood has concluded with its most jaw-dropping cliffhanger ever.  While many fans were greatly distressed by Bill Compton’s explosive death and resurrection in the finale, I was enthralled by this turn of events.  Bill is going to be smack-bang at the centre of next season’s storyline, and is the subject of intense speculation and attention right now.  Also, this will be an excellent plot to showcase Stephen Moyer’s versatility as an actor, and represents a huge game-changer for the show.

Here are my thoughts on Bill Compton version 2.0…

Bill Compton True Blood


Bill is not simply Lilith in Bill’s skin – he is still himself, with his own memories and experiences.  This has been confirmed already by Alan Ball.  So this is not, as some fans have been saying, a rip-off of the Locke/Man in Black storyline from Lost (massive Lost spoiler: Locke died, and the evil spirit of The Man in Black took on his form).  The fact that Sookie and Eric both saw him implies that he is a physical being, not a spirit entity as Lilith was.  I doubt that Lilith is going to be inhabiting his body and occasionally taking controlling him, since they’ve done the spirit possession thing to death with Lafayette.  It’s possible that Bill will continue to have visions of Lilith, but my feeling is that we’ve seen the last of her and her epic ladygarden.  Lilith’s quest was to find a host, and now that she has accomplished that, her powers have become manifested in Bill.  My feeling is that Bill will still have free-will, and will have control over his own actions, for better or for worse.

Since he has been “reborn”, then it is plausible that he will suffer from the same uncontrollable urges as a newly made vampire does, and will be wild and impulsive.  Throughout season five, he became increasingly psychotic, as a result of ingesting Lilith’s blood and being brainwashed by the Sanguinista cult, to the extent that he lost all the love and empathy that he’d once had, even towards Jessica and Sookie.  Now that he is reborn, whether or not he remains a completely cold-blooded psychopath remains to be seen.

A lot of fans have been asking if Bill will be naked, covered in blood, and emitting a horrendous primal scream noise all season.  Somehow, as much as I would like to see an entire season of Naked Bill, I doubt that he’s going to remain in the state we saw him in immediately following his resurrection.  To have him being an entirely feral would be a waste of Stephen Moyer’s acting skills, so I think that he will be lucid, just more vicious than he once was.

Bill Compton True BloodPowers

Obviously he has become supercharged in some way – so will he have some previously unseen superpowers?  What will he be capable of?  Superior strength and speed to all vampiresis a given, as is extremely potent blood, and very possibly the ability to enthrall vampires who drink his blood.  Probably he’ll acquire the ability to fly, and maybe some advanced glamouring technique.  Maybe he will be able to glamour a mass audience via television?  Or glamour other vampires and supernatural beings?  The writers’ imaginations pose the only limit to what Bill might now be capable of.  Perhaps he’s immune to staking, and can daywalk?  He might even have some crazy sci-fi abilities such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, shape-shifting, telepathic projection, time travel, prescience, resurrection of the dead… you name it!

A feeling I have is that Bill will see Lorena, in the same way that Eric and Nora saw Godric.  And if Bill sees Lorena egging him on to be evil, maybe it will make him think twice.


Now that Bill is some sort of vampire demigod, what sort of shenanigans is he going to get up to?  The Sanguinistas were keen to bolster their numbers by turning new vampires, so perhaps Bill will get some new progenies?  Will he set out to gain new followers, presenting himself as the new vampire messiah, or embark on a lone mission of anarchy?  Maybe Steve Newlin and Nigel the baby eater could be his first disciples?  Bill was an adept politician, so perhaps he will continue to try to manipulate the media, while covertly carrying out his dastardly deeds.

On the other hand, since he had a brief realisation in between downing the blood, and meeting the true death, perhaps the reborn Bill will question his new role and will resist the prophecy within the Vampire Bible.

What I’m really wondering is whether Bill could be the Antichrist.  It’s been mentioned in the show that “end days” are coming, and Salome spoke of Lilith’s return heralding The Rapture.  What if events are spiralling towards a cataclysmic event, and Bill is the harbinger of evil?  If that is the case, then another being would have to be the second coming of Christ.  Sookie, perhaps?  Or is this all a bit too much like Lost/Carnivale/The Stand?!

Bill Compton True BloodThe Long Game

My feeling is that, while Bill will initially appear to be inherently evil, slowly he will come to his senses.  He’s fought long and hard for his humanity in the past, after all.  I know that many fans feel that Bill’s role next season is to eventually defeat Warlow, and I am in agreement.  They’ve already done the “Bill and Eric outwit an ancient vampire” thing with Russell, but now Bill has been empowered it will be interesting to see a face-off between two ultra-powerful undead beings.

I think that the fairies will have an important role to play in Bill’s eventual fate.  There is way more to the vampire/fairy mythology than we have seen so far in the show.  My feeling is that their origins are somehow entwined.  It was significant that Salome was so appalled by fairies, and said that Lilith regards them as an abomination.  And let’s not forget – Bill now has four half-fairy great-great-great-great-great granddaughters.  Bill has to eventually be revealed as Andy and Terry’s ancestor, and I think the existence of his living human bloodline will come into play.

I feel that the end-game in True Blood is for Bill to turn human
.  One reason for this is that Russell implied in season three that the fairies have the ability to resurrect dead vampires.  So maybe season six could end with Bill being killed again (perhaps by suicide), and then being resurrected again by Sookie, but this time as a human.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?  The only way he can have a future with Sookie is to become human, but by becoming human he ruins his chances with her, because then she’d be able to read his mind.  And how terrible would it be for him to be gifted these infinite god-powers only to have them removed, and to have to learn to live as an ordinary mortal?  However, it’s been revealed that Sookie’s powers are finite – she and Bill could end up living as an ordinary human couple after all.  I still think that their conversation in season three, where they dreamed of a life together where neither was a supernatural being, was somehow prophetic.

Whatever direction the writers choose to take Bill’s character, it’s sure to be a mind-bending journey that his character will embark on!

True Blood Season 6 will only have 10 episodes!

There is my very first WTF moment for True Blood Season 6.

Alan Ball told in an interview with TV Guide that production will start in January 2013 to accomodate Anna’s pregnancy and there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics.

Get the torches and the hayforks because this calls for a revolt! 10 episodes? That is not acceptable!

Alan also sheds some light and raises more questions about Bill’s future.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s answer some burning questions left by the finale. First, what the heck is Bill or “Bilith” as some call him? An evil god? A demon?
Ball: We don’t know! Honestly, we didn’t know what Lilith was. Just because the fundamentalists called her “God,” that doesn’t mean she was. On our show, there’s room for all kinds of supernatural creatures. We do know that Bill had some kind of major transformation into a deeper supernatural being. The question for me is has he lost his humanity entirely or will it just have to fight harder to come out. That’s certainly something that the writers are talking about for next year

TV Guide Magazine: Is Bill still planning to use humans as a food source?
Ball: That will be his story in Season 6. Is he going to come up with his own master plan? What kind of battle will the humans wage against him?

TV Guide Magazine: Bill’s been such a monster. Can he really come back?
Ball: My own belief is that people can come back from anything. It doesn’t mean that it won’t come at a huge cost. But I’m interested in a Bill who is really evil. Because after almost five seasons of a Bill who was “I hate that I’m a vampire, I’m so nice,” it was time to make him really go dark and see what that does to everybody else.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Sookie fight to rescue Bill?
Ball: It could be that or it could also be that Sookie is trying to save herself from him.

Read the complete interview on TV Guide.

AllStephenMoyer Photogallery updated with True Blood episode 5.12 screencaps

The photogallery has been updated with screencaps of True Blood episode 5.12.


Stephen Moyer to Co-Chair 15th Annual Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner

Stephen Moyer will attend the 15th Annual Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner, that will take place on November 8th in Santa Monica. Stephen will fill the position of Co-Chair of the event.

This is the third time that Stephen will attend the dinner in official capacity. In 2011 he was Honorary Dinner Chair and in 2010 he was honored with his ongoing support for the organization.

The Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner honors those who have supported the CLARE community and made outstanding contributions to the field of recovery. Proceeds directly support CLARE’s mission of providing compassionate treatment, recovery, and prevention services for alcohol and substance abuse to individuals, families, and the community.

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The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 5.12 – Save Yourself

Season 5 has come to an end with what is probably the bloodiest finale ever in the history of True Blood. The Bill scenes had me on the edge of my seat throughout the episode because it has been clear for the past couple of episodes that his storyline would not have a happy ending this season. I was pretty sure that Bill would not come to his senses in the arc of season 5, but I never expected the cliffhanger scene that Alan Ball has left us hanging with for the next 10 months.

Let’s start from the beginning. While Bill awaits his breakfast being brought up to him, he continues to hear the call of Lilith in his head urging him to drink all of her. Bill is still hesitant and seems unsure what to do. He is not pleased at all when Sam Merlotte turns out to be his breakfast and blames the guards for not smelling the difference. Sam explains that Luna’s daughter was kidnapped by Steve Newlin and they just want to get her back. But according to Bill, Sam knows too much now and he can’t trust him on his word that he will never tell. Bill pops his fangs ready to attack Sam, when the shifter does his thing and shifts into a fly and flies off. Bill tries to catch him, which turned out to be a pretty funny scene with Bill jumping around from the chandelier to the wall and back, but Sam escapes through the ventilation duct.

In the meantime Eric has staked Russell and is now at Sookie’s trying to convince her to come to the Authority HQ because she is the only one that might get through to Bill, having a faerie vagina and all.

Bill calls all the security guards in the main chamber and lectures them on how security has been breached and the remaining chancellors and the blood of Lilith has been put in jeopardy. He calls the blood God’s blueprint for vampires. He orders the guards to scour every inch of the building looking for rats, mice, flies and cockroaches and killing whatever they find.

After the guards have left the room, Bill and Salome remain alone. She asked him if he has seen Kibwe and he confesses to her that he found him in the blood shrine earlier, where Kibwe was about to drink the sacred blood because Lilith appeared to him and told him he was the chosen one.

“So I killed him. Because Lilith appeared to me.” Bill kneels in front of a very anxious looking Salome. “She said you were chosen. She told me to serve and protect you. She said you were the prophet for the new age.” Bill bows his head in submission. Salome is overwhelmed by her emotions, she is jubilant now that she is officially the chosen one and has Bill to serve her.

And he does just that in the next bedroom scene of them together. “My beautiful prophet.” Bill is playing Salome like a fiddle, telling her exactly what she wants to hear and giving her a false sense of security and making her believe that she can trust him completely. Not so smart for someone that old, it’s not like she wasn’t betrayed before by someone she trusted and she played the exact same game on Roman.

Eric and Nora bring back Sookie, Jason and Tara to the Authority HQ, tied and gagged in the back off a pickup truck. Bill sees them coming in on the security monitor. When he sees Sookie gagged in the back, he knows that the shit will hit the fan soon, big time, and he looks concerned and tense. He also sees on the monitor that Salome is going into the blood shrine, he watches her intensely: it’s showtime. Salome runs off with the blood vial when Eric, Nora, Sookie, Jason and Tara storm out of the elevator and start shooting vamps, causing the security protocol to initiate.

While Sookie and Tara free Jessica and Pam from their cells (nice kiss ladies!), Bill goes to Salome in her chamber where she is all dolled up for the occasion to finally drink the blood of Lilith. She realizes that Bill wanted this for himself but Lilith in her wisdom wanted the strongest. Salome is ready for the rapture and she drinks all the blood while Bill watches her with a sly look on his face. The fact that he doesn’t make any attempt to stop her, made me understand that it was not Lilith’s blood she was drinking. Bill continues to look at her, closes his eyes for a moment and a smile comes over his face, he has won.

While Salome vomits blood all over the carpet, Bill sits on the steps to her bed, stake in hand and explains to her how her monumental narcissism caused her to be so impatient for the rapture that she didn’t even smell the silver he had put in the blood she drank, which was of course substitute blood. Bill put the real blood in another vial. Salome knows that she has lost and she stretches out her arms as Bill straddles her, putting the stake in position on her heart.

“Lilith chose wisely.” Bill drives the stake through Salome’s heart. He rises and takes the vial out of his pocket and the moment he is about the open it, Eric and Sookie storm into the room.

Bill assumes that Lilith appeared to Eric as well and he is there to claim the blood for himself. But Eric only saw her savagely obliterate his maker.
“She’s a mad god, Bill. She’s nothing but destruction. Don’t do it.” When Bill won’t listen, Sookie steps in. “Bill this isn’t you.”

“What the fuck do you know about me? For all you know, everything I did while with you was an act calculated to elicit a particular response.” Sookie looks at Bill in horror, this is not the Bill she knows, the man she loved and whom, she knows, loved her deeply. Bill is ice cold and calls her an abomination. Sookie walks over to him and says: “Bill, you are stronger than this. You are capable of sympathy and kindness and generosity. You are unique among all the vampires I have met. Don’t throw that away.” Sookie has tears in her eyes.

Bill stares at her and starts a monologue that much resembles what I said about Bill feeling liberated in last week’s Bill Chronicles. “I have spent my entire life as a vampire apologizing, believing I was inherently wrong somehow, living in fear - fear that God had forsaken me, that I was damned. But Lilith grants us freedom from fear.”

When Bills starts quoting the vampire bible Sookie and Eric realize that they will not be able to convince Bill that what he is doing is wrong. Sookie gives it one more shot: “If I ever meant anything to you at all…”

Calm without taking his eyes off her, Bill tells Sookie: “I told you the first night we met….vampires often turn on those they love the most.”

Not exactly correct. That first night he tells Sookie that “Vampires often turn on those who trust them”. Can we understand from this alteration that Bill still loves Sookie deeply?

Love or not, Bill opens the vial and drinks all the blood of Lilith. Eric and Sookie watch in shock as he empties the vial. Just seconds later Bill starts to convulse and blood starts streaming from his eyes and pouring out of his mouth. Something is terribly wrong. “Oh God”, he moans in pain and fear. Bill’s face becomes a mask of streaming blood. “OH GOD” he screams in total distress. Bill’s head explodes and what is left of him falls to the floor in a pool of vampire goo and blood. Our beloved Bill has met the true death and is no longer.

For a moment there I thought Alan Ball had pulled a Nate Fisher on us again.

Eric stares in shock and disbelief, Sookie starts to sob and holds on to Eric for comfort. Holding her, Eric looks at the pool of blood on the floor and notices that it is starting to move. He points it out to Sookie and together they watch as Bill rises up from the pool of blood in full terminator style; naked and all covered in blood just like Lilith was. He looks at Eric and Sookie and growls at them viciously, fangs out. “RUN!” Screams Eric to Sookie and they both speed out of the room.

What is Bill now? His body disintegrated in a pool of goo, so he did indeed die the true death, but there is no way of telling who this transformed Bill is, what he will be like and what he is capable of doing. Is he like Lilith? All covered in blood he sure resembles Lilith, but we have no idea who or what Lilith is either and there is no telling if Bill will be like her.

Lilith could only be seen by those who tasted her blood, but reborn Bill could be seen by Sookie, so he probably is a completely new entity.

Alan Ball told TVLine that Bill is still Bill but he is a transformed Bill. He is not a completely new person. It’s not like his memories or his experiences have been left out and he’s just a baby.

Stephen Moyer told TVLine that it would be safe to assume that what we thought was Bill is no longer Bill.

As usual anything is possible on True Blood and we will just have to wait and see what will happen with Billith. It is at least very reassuring that we will not have Lilith in a Bill suit. We will all speculate endlessly about all the possibilities of what Bill will be like in his new form and I am pretty sure we will come up with some very plausible and some bat shit crazy theories. Maybe he will be the villain of season 6, maybe there is a cure, maybe he will transform again, he already did it twice in his life now. There is no telling what will happen next.

It will be a very long 10 month wait, especially for us Bill/Stephen fans. Speaking as a Bill fan, I mourn the loss of the Bill we have loved for so long, as at this point he seems to be lost to us forever. It is the end of an era and we will all need some time to wrap our head around that and come to terms with it.

Speaking as a Stephen fan I am looking forward to see what crazy stuff there will be in store for him next season. It will be a whole new challenge for Stephen to sink his teeth in and I am sure he will do a phenomenal job as always. Is it June 2013 yet?

Stephen Moyer: What we thought was Bill is no longer Bill

Stephen Moyer spoke with TVLine about the transformation Bill went through in the shocking True Blood finale. Read part 1 of 2 of the Q&A.

TVLINE | As billed, the finale featured a lot of blood.

We didn’t skimp on the death. [Laughs] During the table read for the episode, we were all going, “Oh my f—ing God!” It was like every five seconds somebody exploded. And I know what that means to shoot an episode that has that many deaths in it. Every single time you have to replace the body with a bag of blood, which we call a ‘Goo Drop.’ The ‘Good Drop’ is something like 20 to 30 gallons of blood being smashed down on the floor. And they came up with an even better way of doing it where they jettison 15 gallons of blood into the air as 16 gallons of blood falls down onto that blood, so you get this splatter effect that goes out wide. But that takes the best part of two or three hours per hit. So when we all read that episode, we were going, “Okay, three hours, six hours, nine hours… that’s a day, that’s another day.”

TVLINE | How long did it take to shoot the episode?

It was three very intense weeks. We’re very lucky on our show because we get to shoot like 20, 25-day episodes, which I don’t think anybody else on television gets to do

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the final scene — what was the makeup process like?

It’s a long process, but ultimately not something we haven’t done before. Sitting in a chair having your body painted is something I’ve done quite a few times on the show. You spend three or four hours in the chair and then you come out looking like somebody else. One of the most interesting parts of the shot was actually during the transformation before the final moment. There’s a lot of tiny little tubes that you have all over your body and then they pump blood through the tubes, and that’s the cross moment where Bill as we know him [turns] into what he becomes. And that was amazing.

TVLINE | What does he become? And is Bill really dead?

I don’t think so. Certainly, when I read it I went through a moment of, “Oh my f—ing God – Jesus!” And certainly a couple of people — Alex [Skarsgard] being one of them — called me going, “Have you read it yet?!” It’s pretty out there… One of the things I wanted to do was show fear in Bill’s eyes. Show that he’s absolutely clear that what he’s doing is the right thing until it starts to happen, and then we see the vulnerability in him of, “F–k, what have I done?” And that was something I hope comes across. We [wanted] to freakin’ terrify the audience.

TVLINE | This obviously sets Bill up to be an even bigger villain next season.

I think you’re right. I haven’t seen anything for next season so I have no idea, but yes. [Laughs] I think it would be safe to assume that what we thought was Bill is no longer Bill.

TVLINE | So it’s within the realm of possibility that he could do to Sookie what he did to Jessica — only worse. How do you feel about that?

If that’s dramatically compelling and fun and great to watch, then so be it. That’s awesome.

TVLINE | With that cliffhanger, Alan Ball is setting up a killer Season 6 for you — but now he’s leaving the show. Any concern there?

We had some inkling [he was planning to leave] around Season 4. We weren’t even sure he was going to do Season 5, so we were very excited to have him for another season. But we did know this was coming. He’s just extraordinary. He’s this wonderful, complex, funny puppet master; we all adore him. Do we want to see him go? No way. But Mark Hudis, who is taking over, is an excellent writer. He came in during Season 4. He understands the characters, he has great wit. I had the great pleasure of directing his episode this season — Episode 8 — so I worked very closely with him. He has a fantastic take on what our show is. And Alan would’ve never given his baby over to someone he didn’t trust.

Post Mortem of True Blood Season 5 with Alan Ball

This final episode of True Blood was written by none other than Alan Ball and is his last episode as showrunner. Alan spoke to TVLine about the season and also provided a sneak peek at Season 6!

TVLINE | So, is Bill God now?
I don’t want to say if he is or he isn’t. Who’s to say what Lilith really is? He is still Bill but he is something different.

TVLINE | So there is some of the old Bill in there?
It is Bill, but it is a transformed Bill. He is not a completely new person. It’s not like his memories or his experiences have been left out and he’s just a baby.

TVLINE | Can he revert back to the old Bill?
Well, that’s the question: Is he going to be evil? What does he want? What is he going to do? Will he be able to revert back to Bill? That’s for future seasons. The implication, certainly, is that he is more ferocious.

TVLINE | As you warned me back at Comic-Con, there was a lot of death in the episode — some more ambiguous than others. Did Luna die?
You’ll have to watch [next season]. We didn’t see her die.

TVLINE | And Russell? Is he really dead?
He’s gone. We may see him in flashbacks, but he bit it.

TVLINE | Also back at Comic-Con, you declined to tell me which couple you were having the most fun writing for this season because it would be too much of a spoiler. Can you now confirm it was Russell and Steve?
Yes. I love both of those actors and I thought they were hilarious and kind of touching.

TVLINE | Will Steve remain a viable character next season?
I don’t know. I’ve spoken to Mark briefly. They’ve only pitched some very broad ideas. I hope he does because I think he’s such a great character. I don’t know if he would be a big part of the season, but he definitely seems like that would be a person to bring back.

TVLINE | You really outdid yourself with Rosalyn’s death scene. Congratulations.
I think that is probably the most jaw-dropping [death] that we’ve done. Every time I see it I laugh.

TVLINE | The Pam/Tara kiss – did you know at the start of the season that it was all leading up to this?
It was in our mind at the beginning of the season, yes. We wanted to really tease it out.

TVLINE | What was it about those two characters that made them relationship material in your mind?
They both were, if not full-on lesbians, than bisexual. They both were characters with real attitude. And they both hate each other — at least they did at the beginning of the season. And that, to me, felt like it could create a lot of tension that could turn romantic towards the end.

TVLINE | Where would you personally like to see that relationship go next season?
Well, here’s the thing with relationships on True Blood: Once they happen then you have to throw a monkey-wrench into them, because to have people be happy is not that exciting.

TVLINE | But it’s your understanding that Mark is committed to that story?
All of the writers were into [them], so that is my understanding, yes.

TVLINE | Did you ever consider introducing or unmasking Warlow in the finale?
No. We didn’t want to really define Warlow until the next season. TVLINE | So he’ll definitely figure into Season 6? I think he’ll be kind of a big part of it.

TVLINE | Is he someone we’ve met before?
No comment.

TVLINE | With Bill heading into Big Bad territory next season, does that make Eric now the hero of True Blood?
Remains to be seen. They’ve both been heroes in their own way. Eric was kind of like a mischievous cad, but I don’t think he was ever, like, a true villain the way that Russell was or the way that Maryann was. And he’s done a lot of really heroic things himself. So I never really looked at Eric as the bad guy and Bill as the good guy – at least not since the very early seasons. But it remains to be seen what will go down with both of them.

TVLINE | A non-finale burning question — why did you write Hoyt out?
I felt like we had told his entire story. There weren’t many places we could go with him that we hadn’t been, but I love that character and I love Jim [Parrack] so much I didn’t want to kill him. He’s always been such a good soul. I wanted to have the possibility for him to return as well. But he fell in love and he couldn’t let go.

TVLINE | Did you feel like you had to write him out so viewers could more easily accept Jessica and Jason without feeling guilty?
That was not the thought, no. I thought the way that he left and the way that he made her glamour the memories out of him was pretty devastating. Also, there are so many characters on the show to serve. It felt like Hoyt had run his course for now, so we thought let’s send him off to Alaska and then if we need to bring him back as well.

TVLINE | The finale was your swan song — how are you feeling?
It’s bittersweet. It’s been such a big part of my life for so long; of course it’s hard to step away. But running that show is such a huge job and I’ve been doing it for five years straight. I just don’t think I have another season left in me. I need to re-charge. And then I’m interested in doing something new — something with different characters and a different tone. As a writer, it’s fun to create. And once you get into a long-running show with very established characters and a very established tone and format, after a while it’s a really great job but that’s what it is — a job. You’re just continuing to create the same show. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t want to work as hard. Actually, I’ve had to take a good hard look at workaholism and it’s effect on one’s mental health. [Laughs] And, also, there are things I want to do that are different. I want to try something completely different.

TVLINE | The show is in good hands with Mark?
Very good hands. And three other writers have been there since the very beginning… It’s like a having a kid go away to college.


Bill Compton is Reborn at the End of True Blood Season 5

HBO has just released to us a photo of Bill Compton at the end of the True Blood Season 5 finale. I don’t know what all the Bill fans think out there, but I have to admit that I’m still stunned by the last scene. What will happen to Bill Compton now that he is a God? Or, is he a God? We’ll have to wait until next season to find out. What do you think of this new Bill. Tell us by leaving a comment below.

True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene

See the bonus scene from True Blood’s HBO GO that HBO just loaded up on YouTube. Get a glimpse at Season 6. Seems like Nora knows who Warlow is, interesting.



Inside the Episode: True Blood 5.12 “Save Yourself”

It’s over for this season folks and here’s the final Inside the Episode video for True Blood’s episode 5.12, “Save Yourself” which is discussed by Alan Ball and director, Michael Lehmann.

SOURCE: HBO.COM/trueblood

True Blood Behind the Scenes: Burning Bill full body makeup

The scene from True Blood season 1 where Bill burns in the sunlight while attempting to save Sookie, was filmed in three stages and required full body makeup for each of the stages. To create the burnt vampire look a head mask cast was made by the special effects team of MastersFX.

MastersFX is an award winning prosthetics, animatronics and character effects company responsible for some of the most impressive, scary and gruesome scenes ever seen in modern movies.

[caption id=”attachment_12355” align=”alignnone” width=”483”]burning-bill4a Stephen Moyer[/caption]

“When you first have to have a head mask cast,” Stephen Moyer says, “I’ve done that a few times, and that’s quite claustrophobic. All you’ve got is a nose hole and everything else is covered—literally, 360 degrees, everything goes, and sometimes they’ll leave it on for too long and they can’t get it off, and they’re literally manhandling you to try to get the thing off, and because you can’t hear anything, everything’s inside your head, and it’s very odd.”

Worse, sometimes an actor can get stuck in there. “My sister was with me the last time I did it, and she videoed it. And they couldn’t get it undone and they had to go and get like a tire iron to get into the thing to pull it apart.”

Stephen’s sister Amanda was also present in the trailer when Stephen’s makeup for the last burning stage was applied. Because she saw it all come together from the beginning she didn’t have a problem seeing her brother reduced into a crispy bacon state. She did however have some trouble on the set watching the final moments of Rene in the graveyard.

The only one who didn’t seem to mind to any of the goriness was ‘a man’s best friend’ Splash.

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Amanda was so kind to share with us some of the photos she took that day in the makeup trailer.

burning-bill1a burning-bill2a burning-bill3a

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Photo credit: Amanda Emery